Are you the master of your technology?

Do you know enough about technology to outpace your competition?

Are you satisfied with your efficiency and productivity?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, New Phase Innovations can empower you to reach your very best potential using technology customized to your unique needs and goals. Give us a call  at 720-446-8782  or send us an email  at azb@newphaseinnovations.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Who we are:

New Phase Innovations is a creative technology consulting firm. We are experienced in equipping client organizations and individuals with the right technology to do the job right. We are both visionaries and futurists.

As visionaries, we draw from decades of practical knowledge combined with an out-of-the-box thinking approach to every circumstance. As futurists, we look beyond the immediate horizon and consider what your opportunities and needs might be over time. We recommend and design strategies that will keep up with your growth, catapulting it even further.

Why use us:

We are a creative force grounded in business realities. We enable individuals and teams to enhance their performance and optimize their contributions through the use of technology tailored to their needs.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations to ascertain the fit of their business goals and technology needs. Past projects have included capacity expansion, holistic business continuity, disaster recovery and remediation plan implementation, and system-wide upgrade analysis and deployment. We also offer fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services.

Our operating principles:

  • Dedicated to understanding you, your company, and its dreams.
  • Care for your technological well-being as much as you do.
  • Seek out the best solution for you, your budget and your needs.
  • Respect and guard your methodologies as we make them our own for the duration of our relationship.
  • Evaluate, discover, recommend, and execute to ensure efficiency and productivity.
  • Dig deeply to uncover the technologies and training you and your team have and might need based on your strategic and operating goals.
  • Collaborate and cooperate to achieve your vision, rather than impose our own favorite tech wrinkles.
  • Don’t disappear. We partner with you until your systems are fully optimized and your staff trained.
  • Committed to your success and exceeding expectations.
  • Guarantee that you will be completely satisfied.
  • Not satisfied until you are ecstatic. If not, we will promptly resolve the issue(s) until you are satisfied and sign off.


Our clients perform at their best when they leverage the right technology in a way that is right for them. Bleeding edge does not need to bleed you dry.  We consistently identify innovative technologies that are smarter, faster, simpler, and less expensive. New Phase Innovations provides end-to-end analysis, advice, project design and implementation. We will not only be your collaborators, architects, and builders, we will also help you find the right balance in your new space.

  • We discover the way you do things, including why you do things the way you do. We break through roadblocks to optimal efficiency and highlight accelerants to better achieve your goals.
  • We identify cost-conscious technologies to boost your performance and out-pace your competition. We custom-design process solutions to integrate the use of technology with your unique methods.
  • We partner with you to implement the solutions and strategies we’ve designed for you; we enhance the skills and abilities of your staff to maximize their professional impact.
  • We serve as the sole contact for all aspects from start to implementation. We will manage sub-contractors and ensure tight budgetary control.
  • We create and provide comprehensive documentation. This includes guidelines that enhance adoption and integration with ongoing systems.
  • We remain available to assist you and your team in the transition, though we will back off for a brief time allowing your users an opportunity to get used to the new tools.
  • We conduct calibration surveys to capture where expectations have been met and where gaps exist. We provide post-engagement insights into performance enhancements and recommendations for further improvement.